5 Awesome Textile Art Wall Hangings

5 Awesome Textile Art Wall Hangings


In this post, I have curated 5 awesome textile art wall hangings to beautify your home walls.

First piece of art is from Heidi Zielinski.

There's Always Hope

It is called “There’s Always Hope”. It is available in size 12″ x 12″.

The dimensional tree and leaves were layered and quilted then attached to the piece. The circular area is reverse applique with small seed beeds stitched around the inside perimeter.

Fiber Into Art by Heidi

Check out their site if you wish to buy this beautiful art.

Second art is from Barbara Shaw.

It is called “Cotswold Sheep”.

Cotswold Sheep

Barbara has a vast collection of textile arts. Do check out her website and buy your favorite art.

Third art is by Clairan Ferrono.

Art by Clairan Ferrono
5 Awesome Textile Art Wall Hangings

Fourth is from Fabrics of Nature by Nisa Kiley.

It is called “Mayan Tribal Art”.

Mayan Tribal Art

Here is a link to her amazing Etsy store.

Fifth and last is from AmberDark.

It is called Microbial Art.

Microbial Art

Check out their Etsy store for more beautiful designs.

Let us know in the comments below how did you like these designs and which ones. It helps us curate better designs.


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